About Correctional Psychology Associates (CPA)

Our mission is to serve the community and our criminal justice clients through effective assessment, treatment, and training.


Correctional Psychology Associates has been providing behavioral health and substance abuse services throughout the criminal justice system since 1998. We maintain our outpatient headquarters at 420 E. 58th Ave. in Denver and additionally provide treatment services at various correctional facilities throughout the Denver Metro area. We believe in evidenced-based treatment and value effective communication and collaboration between clients, supervising staff, and treatment providers.

We offer assessment of criminogenic needs and responsivity issues, group therapies to address the identified needs, and individual therapy when clinically appropriate. These services are all focused on reducing our clients’ risk of relapse and recidivism within the community, consistent with the Risk-Need-Responsivity model.

For more information regarding our services, here is a more in-depth look at our Treatment Approach. 


CPA currently provides mental health assessment and treatment services to justice-involved clients in community corrections (to include Parole and Community Corrections Facilities), as well as select PreTrial and Diversion programs. We also provide assessment and support services in jail-based settings.

We are an Approved Treatment Provider (ATP) for the Colorado Department of Corrections and licensed for weekly outpatient (WOP) and enhanced outpatient (EOP) substance abuse treatment with the Office of Civil and Forensic Mental Health (OCFMH) and Behavioral Health Administration (BHA).

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