*Please Note: CPA will be returning to partial in-person services beginning November 15 2021. Contact our office directly for more information on which services will continue via telehealth. *

We will send notice to all referral sources prior to all services returning in-person.

If you have questions about accessing services, please contact your therapist directly, or our Office Manager at (720) 854-0262.

About Correctional Psychology Associates

Correctional Psychology Associates (CPA) has been providing mental health and substance abuse services throughout the criminal justice system since 1998. While we maintain our outpatient headquarters at 420 E. 58th Ave. in Denver, we provide much of our treatment services at various correctional facilities throughout the Denver Metro area. We believe taking treatment to the offender, when possible, is the most effective practice because it enhances communication and collaboration between the clients, supervising staff, and treatment providers.

We are pleased to offer individual, group, and couples therapy, as well as mental health evaluations, psychological testing, neuropsychological testing, and psychiatric medication management for offenders. We are an Approved Treatment Provider (ATP) for the Colorado Department of Corrections and licensed for outpatient, enhanced outpatient, and intensive outpatient substance abuse treatment with the Office of Behavioral Health.

For more information regarding our services, please click Treatment from the navigation menu.

CPA currently provides mental health assessment and treatment services within the Jefferson County Detention Facility, various community corrections facilities, and the Colorado Division of Adult Parole.

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