Staff Directory

To reach a staff member directly, dial (720) 928 – followed by their extension.

Alexa Campbell, MA, NLC, ADDCalexa.campbell@corrpsych.comForensic Therapist
Alex Mahoney, BAalex.mahoney@corrpsych.comJBBS Pre-Sentence Reentry Coordinator
Allie Ramey, MSW, SWC1431allie.ramey@corrpsych.comForensic Therapist
Anika Heng, JD, LPC, LACanika.heng@corrpsych.comJCSO Mental Health Director
Ashley Catanyag, MAashley.catanyag@corrpsych.comJBBS Competency Enhancement Clinician
Charissa Reter, MA, ADDCcharissa.reter@corrpsych.comForensic Therapist
Erin Gazelka, MA, LPC, LACerin@corrpsych.comContracted Domestic Violence Services Manager | DVOMB Provider
Haley Hawkins, MA, LPC1440haley.hawkins@corrpsych.comPractice Manager
Hannah Baker, MA, LPCChannah.baker@corrpsych.comJCSO Mental Health Clinician
Jamie Hidalgo, MA, LPC, ADDC1441jamie.hidalgo@corrpsych.comPresident | Clinical Director
Joelene Karlberg, MA, ADDCjoelene.karlberg@corrpsych.comJBBS Competency Enhancement Clinician
Lauren Van Dorn, MA, LPC, LAC 1443lauren@corrpsych.comCompliance Director | Clinical Supervisor
Lindsay Atkins, MA1432lindsay.atkins@corrpsych.comForensic Therapist
Lucas Brizolara, BAlucas.brizolara@corrpsych.comForensic Intern
Marin Montalbano, BAmarin.montalbano@corrpsych.comForensic Intern
Melissa Ament, MA, LPCC1433melissa.ament@corrpsych.comForensic Therapist
Nick Sanders, LSWnick.sanders@corrpsych.comContracted Forensic Therapist
Niki Tronzo, MA, LPC, LACniki.tronzo@corrpsych.comJBBS Clinical Supervisor | JCSO Mental Health Clinician
Stephanie Sanchez, MA, LPC, LAC1444stephanie.sanchez@corrpsych.comTraining Director | Clinical Supervisor
Tammy Pope, MS, NLCtammy.pope@corrpsych.comJCSO Mental Health Clinician
Stephanie Mahoneyadmin@corrpsych.comAdministrative Asssistant
Thea Wessel, MA, LPC, LACthea.wessel@corrpsych.comContracted LAC Supervisor

Please feel free to email your therapist regarding coordinating services or scheduling. However, keep in mind that email communication is not secure, and could be intercepted by third parties.

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