To reach a staff member directly, dial (720) 928 – followed by their extension.

Alex Araya, MA,
Allie Papada, MA,
Amanda Donovan-Fish, MA, LPC,
Andi Kouneev, MA,
Amy Vann, MA,
Anika Heng, MA,
Ayla Sjoberg,
Carly Lembke, MA,
Charlotte Anderson,
Chris Morley,
Bee Jetton, MA,
Erin Gazelka, MA, LPC,
Haley Hawkins,
Jordyn Schneider,
Kathy Oldowski, MA,
Kristina Smith,
Laura Moffett,
Lauren Van Dorn, MA,
Liz Schmidt, MA, LPC,
Niki Tronzo, MA,
Nikki Johnson, Psy.D.,
Stephanie Sanchez,

Please feel free to email your therapist regarding coordinating services or scheduling. However, keep in mind that email communication is not secure, and could be intercepted by third parties.